A downloadable game for Windows

AntiBuddy is a dynamic mini-game where you play as an antibody fighting to protect the immune system from the bacteria. In order to destroy the bacteria, you must dash through it in the direction shown by the arrow on each of them. It all starts nice and fun, but the game gets progressively harder and bacteria starts to appear faster and faster.

This game was created in under 48 hours for the Extra Credits First Game Jam, with the help of https://justandy.itch.io/.

Install instructions

Just download the setup file and install the game, then play :D


AntiBuddy setup.exe 14 MB


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Good start of a game, graphics and audio feel good. However, the mechanics of dashing through bacteria feels rough. It can be hard to get next to the bacteria and dash through it in the limited time its in view. I think a little better spawning could solve this problem.